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Mostly Harmless

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
9:46 pm - Awesome Xmas cards
I am so pleased with how my Christmas cards came out from shutterfly!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
9:59 pm - Wedding pics
Not only am I married, but I have pictures.


If you really want to look at all of them, go to "more pictures". You can adjust how many photos it shows on each page.

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Thursday, December 1st, 2005
12:45 am - Um...
Some people have way too much money.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
12:34 am - Another round, wench
So tonight I convinced Katy that I would not go to Valhalla for her last shift of the school year unless she dressed the part. Thus, she went in full renaissance bar wench attire, complete with rather impressive corseted cleavage (perfect for 3 pointers). We were leaving the bar when a gentleman in a Russian accent made a noise that implied he was pleased with Katy's outfit.

Russian: Are you free tonight?

Katy: Sorry, I have to pack. I need to go home.

Russian: I have a home- we could go there together.

Katy: Sorry dear, I still live with my parents.

Russian: I have parents!

Later, as she was in her room changing out of her costume, I heard a wail.

Katy: Katie! My cleavage smells like beer and I opened my corset and found a nickel.

Tonight was a good night.

current mood: complacent

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
6:53 pm - Murf?
Is it just me, or should I not be able to set my microwave to 3 minutes and 80 seconds?

current mood: hungry

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
2:03 pm - Ring a ling
For those of you who are curious, I have pictures of my ring posted.

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12:45 am - My most favoritest
A conversation between Ryan and Katy while playing the "What is you favorite...?" game.

Ryan: Three letter government agency?
Katy: CIA
Ryan: That's not an oxymoron
Katy: FBI
Ryan: That's not involved in intelligence or law enforcement?
Katy: Fuck that!

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
11:31 am - Beat of a different drum
So the other day I get in the car to leave for work. The radio's on and there's a guitar riff going, and I'm backing out. All of the sudden I hear this aweful squeaking and I thought, "Oh, that's not a good sound for my car to make... oh, never mind. It's just KTRU."

And that, my friends, is one of the dangers of listening to college radio.

current mood: working

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
7:11 pm - Beauty unadorned
I received a lovely letter today from Exiling J. Companionable, labeled Geronimo!

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current mood: thoughtful

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
8:03 pm - I'm alive (muahaha)
Ok, so maybe I'll start updating again. I make no promises.

For those of you who haven't heard, I am engaged to Ryan now. The wedding will in fact be in Houston sometimes next year in late spring/early summer. I think that's all the common questions, but feel free to IM me or email me if you want. Haha, in fact, feel free to bug me about anything (not just the engagement). I've been trying to get in touch with people I've kind of lost track of.

Also, I'm out in the real world now. I have a job with Schlumberger (like Halliburton only not in the news which means we're not in trouble). It IS possible to get an engineering job straight out of college.

Anyway, that's all. Wanted to let you know I was alive.

That and I hate the Tx DPS. Grr.

current mood: aggravated

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
3:40 pm - Like Lara Croft with smaller boobs
So some of you may remember that my last Fourth of July was spent sulking in a crappy European-style bar in France. Of all the bars I had been in in France, that one was the least American, and I was generally pissy about it. Well, to make up for it, I had about as American a July 4 as I could this year. That's right, I ate red meat, drank beer, and blew shit up. On a farm.

Thirteen of us (a much higher number than originally anticipated- but the more the merrier) went down to Ryan's house East Bernard Sunday afternoon with a buttload of supplies. By supplies I mean a bunch of snacks, a lot of beer, a watermelon spiked with coconut rum, and around $200 worth of fireworks. Add to that hamburgers and some sirloin steaks once we got to East Bernard.

From there, we drove out to the lake on one of the farms and dumped our stuff. Ryan's dad took as trap shooting, and I also got to fire an AR15 and a handgun. There was something surprisingly satisfying about shooting the handgun, and I now have a badass picture that makes me look like Lara Croft, with a few distinct anatomical differences.

The rest of the evening was spent grilling, drinking, chatting, and watching the boys do silly things with fireworks and dry ice. Who could ask for more?

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
11:31 pm - Does all the things a spider can!
kkngs: so, how does this new spiderman movie compare to the first?
malice fairy 42: I'm gonna marry spiderman
kkngs: =(
kkngs: i wonder how I'd look in blue and red pajamas...

Anyway, Spiderman 2 rocks so go and see it now!

In other news, life is good right now. I'm enjoying work and actually getting stuff done. Oh, and I love my apartment, even though I still haven't hung anything on the wall or cleaned my room. Having a kitchen and a washer and dryer significantly improves one's quality of life.

Anyway, I can't think of anything interesting or funny to say right now. I'm getting old and boring.

current mood: ecstatic

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Friday, June 11th, 2004
10:02 am - Yeah, that's how it is
I couldn't help but find this funny. This is the complete conversation folks.

Trmptgrl: You!
meadowcrash signed off at 10:01:14 AM.


current mood: busy

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
8:58 pm - Hello?
Wow, it's been a while, huh? I plan to start jabbering at you again this summer, whoever "you" may be. In the meantime, I am attempting to graduate. Just as a side note.

This is just plain wrong, people. Come on.

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Monday, March 1st, 2004
12:45 am - Flor-ee-day
So right now I'm sitting on my couch at home, Katy and Sam sitting on the floor and Ryan right next to me. Today I check walked around in the woods and had the most incredible ham for dinner. Tomorrow I will be visiting St. Augustine and this time tomorrow I will be on a beach-side resort in Tampa. Oh, life is good. More details later when things actually happen.

Meanwhile, I'm having to wonder how hard I hit my head the other day. Today, when coming back from the caverns, I managed to overshoot Tallahassee by 20 miles and then when trying to get to a McDonald's so Katy could pee, decided to go up a grass hill. I then, when driving to Walmart, drove in a circle and, coming back, missed the house. Yeesh- and I'm supposed to be getting us all around the state the next few days.

Ok, so I'm too distractable to be effective writing this right now, because I'm watching Ryan give instructions to Katy on how to pin Sam to the ground, and it's not working so far.

More info later.

current mood: tired

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Monday, February 16th, 2004
10:55 pm - Apathy Attack!
I have this problem set that has been due for two weeks. I swear I will get it done before Weds. Really. I am such a second semester senior, but I don't really have a schedule to allow it.

I guess you could say my life has exploded. I only have 13 hours but I never seem to have enough time to get stuff done. Some of it has to do with this musical I'm in. Some of it has to do with other stuff I'm worried about (like errands and applying to grad school). Mostly, I think it's my sudden insistance on sleeping regularly and for at least 8 hours. Silly, I know.

Anyway, Livejournal posts are sparse for that very reason. I'll try to be more regular later.

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
3:21 am - Modulation and I hold a high note
Here's an actual snippet of a conversation I had with my mom today.

malice fairy 42: Consentual clothes tearing isn't really a problem, though not appropriate in public
Psyjbs: I think I will needlepoint that

Yeah. Oh, if you haven't heard Davinci's Notebook's "Title of the Song", you must hear it. I think I need to find a way to buy a cd from these guys it's so good.

Oh yes, for those of you I haven't told (I believe there isn't anyone, but anyway) the MOB is in MTV's Rock n' Jock superbowl! If you go to the website and click on Chingy "Holidae In" you can see me in the video. When they pan in on the band a couple times, I'm there. The first time, Katy is center and I am on the right of the screen with my hair down.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
1:43 am - Cop out
I am currently struggling with a paper which refuses to write itself, but I want you to know I'm alive. Therefore, I dug out a word file I had containing several juicy tidbits I've had from emails and AIM conversations with my friend Nick. Enjoy.

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current mood: frustrated

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
12:27 am - Maybe I need a rain hat
Things are going very well. I can see the proverbial shit drifting in a slow, inevitable route towards the proverbial fan, but until the fateful meeting of the two I'm feeling somewhat indifferent about it.

I've got a couple badass classes, the most badass being Shakespeare on Film. Dr. Huston has so much energy, I expect him to pop out of his own skin from time to time. He lunges and waves his arms with an amazing agility that does not betray his age. By the time class is over, the board is covered with hastily written words, often circled, underlined, and overlapping other words like "revenge," "murder," "supernatural," and "love." Yeah, good class.

Friday night I played Mafia with Ryan's family. See, his sister's boyfriend and I decided it would be interesting- and I've never played a louder game of Mafia in my life. It's so interesting when you play with people who grew up together and feel competitive with each other.

Oh yes, why will the shit hit the fan. Partially it is because of a rather difficult programming course, and part of it because I'm still a photo editor for Thresher, but mostly because I went and signed up for a musical. In fact, it's a musical comedy version of Hamlet. How do I get myself into these things?

current mood: impatient

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
4:28 pm - Oh my, are you still here?
I seem to have neglected updating for a while. I actually remember several times wanting to post with something, but not getting around to it. Since I have forgotten what I wanted to say, I can only assume it was not very important, or terribly interesting.

The short story is I'm back at Rice, and happily so though I'm stressed out about getting my schedule in order. The happy news is I have a close parking space this semester. W00T! I had some entertaining things to say, but they have left me so I will cease this laundry list.

current mood: lazy

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